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Camping weekend

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May. 27th, 2008 | 12:00 pm

So this weekend, Poi Girl, Mr Fins and I went camping.  A few things to note for next time - sleeping bags are not optional.  It can get damn cold in May.  Two - try not to sked camping for a time when the tree pollen is high.  And three - maybe not on a holiday weekend?  Too many city folks who brought the city with them.  Each site had water and power, so these folks brought the 50,000 candle lamps and left them on all freaking night.  Ugh!  The only thing we did with our power was charge up the cell phones so we could stay in touch with each other.

All in all though, we had a good time.  It's the first time that we've gone camping just the three of us - and KC too.  We went to a place I hadn't been before, but was highly recommended by several friends.  And I could see why.  The rangers were there all the time, which was very nice.  The sites were crowded, but you weren't on top of each other for the most part. Yes, some sites were definitely better than others, and some sites weren't made for tent camping (they had a lot of trailers there too).  But the bathroom was always stocked and working, the water was hot enough for a decent shower and it was a pretty site.  I'd definitely camp there again - I'm just not sure about doing it on a holiday weekend though.  Some folks were very obviously city folks going camping for the first time - with the lights and the like.  Others were just plain idiots - like the folks who started a fire and then sat in their tent, leaving the fire unattended.  Or the ones who didn't bother to recycle their bottles, even though the recycle bin is right next to the trash bin (oh did I mention that *each* camp site had its own trash and recycle bin? And they picked it up every day??  Damn!)  Or the ones who came in at 10 or so to set up camp - and did it while shouting to each other.  Yuck!  But a lot of those idiots left on Sunday, which made for a peaceful Sunday night and nice Monday.

We also lucked out by finding a farm down there that was selling firewood damn ass cheap.  Cheap enough that I sent Fins home on Sunday to take care of the cat with a truck full of wood for the rest of the summer season - it was that damn cheap.  And sold by super nice folks too.

So yeah, camping was good :)

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